For VC / PE Firms

VC and PE Firms…

When you invest in a company, these are among the questions you are asking…

  • How do I get the maximum increase in revenue and profits in the next 3 – 5 years?
  • How do I increase the multipliers within an organization so that we can sell it to get maximum return?
  • On pre-acquisition
    • How do we build a financial growth model so we can create a clear picture of how to increase profit and revenue within the company?
    • What can we do quickly to increase the profitability of an acquired company?
  • How do we do all of the above, with no additional spending on marketing and advertising, and preferably, a reduction? 

As an investor, you want TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY when it comes to the firms you invest in. 

Using data science (497 million algorithmic sequences) and my Inc. 5000 experience, I provide the documented road map and financial forecast you crave for each of your firms.

So you win in two ways: Visibility on your investment, and capable hands to help the companies you’ve invested in become hyper-profitable.

I can work with finance, marketing, and sales teams within the organizations you’ve invested in to yield results.


My process focuses on 12 to 40 areas in your business investment.

With my initial assessment you’ll know:

  • Exactly what you can expect in terms of areas we’ll impact
  • The timeline for the results
  • And the financial rewards, including your ROI on my services

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Our Profit Acceleration Assessment for Revenue and Profit Impact Includes...

Market Dominating Position                                


Trust, Expertise, Education                                   

Policies and Procedures                       


Alliances & Joint Ventures                  

Referral Systems                   

Publicity & PR                         

Direct Mail                               


Compelling Offer                   

Drip Campaign                       


Initial Close Rate 

Follow-up Close Rate                             

Reactivate Former Customers                             

More Appointments                              


Additional Products & Services                           

Increase Frequency of Purchase                         

Increase Prices                       


Upsell & Cross-sell                                  

Increase Longevity                                 

Cut Costs      

Sales General Questions                      

Sales Manager                        

Sales Compensation                              

Sales Superstars  

Sales Training                         

Sales Prospecting and Lists                                   

Sales Dream Clients                               

Sales Trade Shows                                  

Sales Dealing With Decision Makers                                   

Sales Closing the Sale          

Sales Order Fulfillment                         

Sales Buyer’s Remorse

Digital Marketing:                  

Content Marketing                                 

Website Optimization                           

Email Marketing                    

Search Engine Optimization                                 

Digital Advertising                                  

Social Media                           

Video Marketing                   

Digital Metrics & KPIs                            

Increase Prices                       

Market Dominating Position                                

Compelling Offer                   

One Time Offers & Cross-sell                               

Downsell & Pop-Up Windows