You're a Phenomenal Dentist and you work (a lot), So Why is your profit shrinking?

I guarantee I can find an additional $100k for your practice in under an hour...for free

You’ve been promised “The World” before. We all have.

I guarantee this is different. I use a trademarked tool called The Profit Acceleration Software™.  (PAS™)

This is not “practice management software” that you pay a fortune for, and then have to struggle to make work.

In fact, I can’t sell it to you.

Instead, it’s a tool I use for you to help you build a million-dollar (or multimillion-dollar) practice. In fact, I help you build a true “business” that runs and grows without your input.

It’s the only profit acceleration tool based on 497 million weighted algorithmic sequences. It’s insanely accurate.

Don’t you want to see how much money you’re leaving on the table?

Feel like a hamster on a wheel? It's not your fault...

The latest data from the American Dental Association shows:


STRESS: Between 83% and 86% of dentists report “moderate to severe stress” due to work, with “time pressure” to perform scheduling, payroll, and marketing being the top reason.

PROFIT: Margins have dipped below 25%.

INSURERS: Insurers are curtailing reimbursements. Welcome to the “Era of More Patients and Lower Payments.”

OVERHEAD: Overhead across the industry has climbed to 75% of revenue, far higher than the recommended benchmark of just 59%!

EXAMPLE: If a solo general dentistry practice earning $670,000 in revenue can lower its overhead spend from 75% to 59%, then that dentist’s earnings go from $167,500 to $274,700. 



Meet Dr. Colman

Dr. Colman had owned her own practice for six years and was working more than ever before. The hours were wearing her down, she had less time at home with her family, she said she was ‘snappish’ with them when she got home at the end of the day, and she felt like she had to keep working harder each year just for her income to stay the same. 

But then she said to herself, “I can’t continue like this. I’m not enjoying owning my practice and I have to see more patients to make the same income. 

And I don’t have the time, or the marketing know-how, to bring in a predictable number of new patients each month to stay ahead of my patient attrition rate.” 

So she took just 45 minutes out of her calendar to meet with me over Zoom. We ran the diagnostics. We found the profit leaks and the time leaks. And I showed her exactly how we would double her income, attract more patients on autopilot, and reduce her hours.

She said that while others were making empty promises, she decided to work with me because I showed her everything up front. Where the profit is and how to get it, how to bring in predictable patient sign-ups that would exceed the natural attrition rate, and how we would reduce her hours to a comfortable level for her.

I showed Dr. Colman that it wasn’t her fault that her business was spiraling. Across the industry dental profits both in GP and Specialty practices have been shrinking for a decade due to the rising costs of overhead, and insurers curtailing their payments.

Of course she felt like a hamster on a wheel working harder just to stay in place.

She was a phenomenal dentist but wasn’t trained in the 40 profit strategies we’ve baked into the weighted algorithms behind our Profit Acceleration Software™. Who has time to get a dental degree and a business degree?

So she was left seeking help from “marketing consultants” with empty promises, no proof, and no plan.

She wanted transparency. She wanted to see what was possible and how, before she hired help.

Time to Earn More and Stress Less.

I’ve taken one of my companies to the Inc. 5000 List 3 times, and my work has been featured on Investopedia, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. I’ve written 5 books about small business profit acceleration too.

But the part I’m most pleased with (by far)?

Having the freedom to pursue new passions.

If you want…

More Patients

We’ll show you proven lead generation strategies to that bring hordes of new patients through your door.

A Competitive Advantage in Your Town

For as long as we work together, no other dental practice within a 5 mile radius of you will be allowed in to learn these same growth strategies.

More Income and Less Stress

I'll show you our system for lowering costs and keeping more of what you earn.

A Practice That Is Automated and Sellable

We'll create systems and cut costs to get your business in top shape. Profitable for Today. Sellable for top dollar Tomorrow.

Proven Profit Solutions. I guarantee to double your income.

I grew my business by $3 million in 3 years. It’s possible for you too.

We'll turn your website into an ATM

Stress-free new hire onboarding

Stand out from the competition

Diversify your income streams

Become the trusted authority

Work less while you grow

How To Double Your Income

STEP 1: In 45 minutes on Zoom I’ll share my screen with you to show you the revenue, profit, and business value you are missing if you keep “business as usual.”

STEP 2: I’ll give you 3 Freebies:

I. A Profit Acceleration Summary so you and your practice manager can see where the profit leaks are.

II. A Roadmap to tackle the issues in the right order with the right strategies.

III. My latest book, Rescue The Profit Trapped Inside Your Business, packed with 10 examples of profit strategies.

STEP 3: YOU decide if you want my help. There will be ZERO pressure from me.

There are two ways I can double your income.

I. Private Coaching with me, you, and your staff. This is for dental practice owners who want a more “hand-holding” experience so that you can grow faster. We meet on Zoom.

II. Group Mastermind. You’ll be part of a group of other practice owners, meeting online 2 times per month on Zoom for 90 minutes each. I’ll teach you the strategies, answer your questions until you are comfortable and clear, and then your team implements what I teach you. At each meeting, we cover tools for profit and revenue creation. 

You became a practice owner to control your own income. So let's give you a much-deserved raise.

Start Now With A Free Consultation

Book a free 45-minute Zoom consultation and find out where the rest of your income is hiding before your competitor down the road claims your territory. I protect my clients.

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