How Dr. Colman Doubled Her Income

And You Can Too

Dr. Colman's practice was doing "ok." But inside, she was wrestling with the guilt of working so much, and her need to keep adding new patients.

How It Started

Dr. Colman had owned her own practice for six years and was working more than ever before.

She felt worn down, had less time with her family, and she said she was ‘snappish’ with them when she got home at the end of the day.

But it wasn’t her fault. She was just trying to keep up.

Her patient attrition rate was normal, but as insurers continued to curtail payments she was feeling overwhelmed at the daunting need to attract so many new patients every month just to earn the same.

Welcome to the “Era of More Patients and Lower Payments.” 

Wait, It Gets Worse

She felt like a hamster on a wheel.

The rising cost of nearly everything (“Thank you, Inflation”) made her overhead costs climb, and her profit dip.

The joy of practice ownership was gone, and her stress was up.

As a result, she went from being her usual pragmatic, logical, objective, and decisive self to stumbling through her day fighting brain fog and mild deprssion.

Good for her for even recognizing this change in herself. 

It's a valuable life skill to admit to yourself, "Enough is enough. I need to make a change for the sake of my practice and the people I love."

Talking To Herself

Then Dr. Colman started talking to herself. But in a good way. 

“I can’t continue like this. I’m not enjoying owning my practice and I have to see more patients to make the same income. And I don’t have the time, or the marketing know-how, or the time (did I say that already?), to attract new patients fast enough.”

Our Hero Takes Action

So she took just 45 minutes out of her calendar to meet with me over Zoom.

We ran the diagnostics.

We found the profit leaks and the time leaks.

And I showed her exactly how we would double her income, attract more patients on autopilot, and reduce her hours.

She said that while others were making empty promises, she decided to work with me because I showed her everything up front:

  • Where the profit is and how to get it,
  • how to bring in predictable patient sign-ups that would exceed the natural attrition rate,
  • and how we would reduce her hours to a comfortable l
  • evel for her.
In the adjacent image you see the results of just the 45-minute diagnostic session.
Once we dove into the many other areas of her business, we had even greater results. You’ll see those as you read on below…
Using just 4 of my 40 potential Profit Strategies, we found $95k in NEW and additional profit. Life-changing income for Dr. Colman.

Who Was To Blame?

I showed Dr. Colman that none of these issues were her fault.

Across the industry dental profits both in GP and Specialty practices have been shrinking for a decade due to the rising costs of overhead, and insurers curtailing their payments.

Of course she felt like a hamster on a wheel working harder just to stay in place!

She was a phenomenal dentist but wasn’t trained in the 40 profit strategies we’ve baked into the 497 million weighted algorithmic sequences behind our Profit Acceleration Software™. Who has time to get a dental degree and a business degree?

So she was left seeking help from “marketing consultants” with empty promises, no proof, and no plan.

She wanted transparency. She wanted to see what was possible and how, before she hired help.

Why Was Different This Time?

After seeing that I had a roadmap for her practice…

one that showed her how we would help and how it would change her life…

she decided her options were to either keep going toward burnout and leaking profit, 

or make a few small but strategic tweaks that would compound into life-changing results.

A partial view of the road map Gantt Chart we designed for practice. We tailored the order in which we'd tackle each growth strategy to meet her needs and preferences.
Go ahead, ask a marketing agency or dental consultant to give you guaranteed results and return on your investment. See what kind of face they make.

Can You Keep A Secret?

I’ve been in your shoes. When I grew my business to $4 million, I did it DESPITE the marketing consultants we hired, not because of them.

That’s how I learned how important it was to provide a practice owner with results up front. 

“How much more money will I earn, and when will I see it, if I work with you?”  

— The question we all SHOULD be asking

It’s a simple concept, but critically important. 

Let me tell you a secret that no marketing agency, advertiser, or consultant wants you to know:

They are sweating in fear, hoping you won’t ask them to show you a guaranteed Return On Investment and a roadmap up front.

No one can do this without the Profit Acceleration Software™. That’s one of the reasons why my work has been featured on Investopedia, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

How Does It Work?

First, on this web page you’ll sign up for a FREE 45-minute $100k diagnostic meeting on Zoom with me.

This is where I prove to you without a doubt that I know how to find you an additional $100k using just a couple of my 40 profit strategies.

At the end of this meeting, you get 3 freebies from me:

  1. A Profit Summary Report showing you the strategies to use to create the $100k
  2. A Roadmap that shows you how long it will take and in what order you should execute the strategies
  3. My short e-book (less than 80 pages) that explains 10 of my 40 profit strategies with examples 
Look at these numbers. When we do a 1/2-day Deep Dive Assessment, we turn your practice into a gold mine.

Is That It?

It can be. You can decide to take your freebies and work on the strategies on your own or with your office team.

But if you decide, like most do, that you don’t have the time or headspace to actually take these strategies to their full potential, then you can decide if you want my help.

You can go faster and further with my help. And we’ll go a lot farther than just the $100k.

If you hire me to do a 5-hour Deep Dive Assessment on your business, instead of touching on just a few strategies, we’ll dive into 40. 

The report in the adjacent image shows how Dr. Colman’s practice increased its annual profit from $177k to $912K, because we took the time to work on close to 40 strategies.

Her revenue? We increased it from $770k to $2.6M.
I know you’re dying to ask me…

“What was her return on investment?”

Her ROI for my help was 964% for her profit increase, and 2,144% for her revenue increase.
Try getting those returns in the stock market.

If You Want These Results, Here's How We'll Do it

First, in less than 3 months, we’ll get your overhead costs down from the industry average (bleeding profit) to the industry benchmark. This will have an immediate impact on the money you personally take home. 

Next, we’ll focus on building your market dominating position and we’ll do it in a way that helps you attract new patients and fortifies your practice as “the one where every new dentist, dental assistant, hygienist, and office manager wishes they could work.”

But we’ll also be setting up systems as we go so that you have a practice that grows and runs like a tight ship.

Therefore you won’t leak profits or time anymore.

Patients, area dental assistants and support staff, and other dentists will hear about your reputation for owning and running a rock-solid practice.

Practices that runs like a business, based on SYSTEMS and not “the dentist,” are the ones that sell for top dollar.

I bet you have top-notch dental skills and your patients love your personality. Your charming, funny, and you give out complementary tooth brushes.

That’s great!

But you cannot scale a business that way. And someday you are going to want to sell so you can retire or just go “play”, whatever that means to you.

So you must remember this: People buy “businesses,” they don’t buy your personality or your dental skills.

That’s why when I work with you we build a solid and valuable business. I won’t try to “change you.” Be yourself! But sleep better knowing that you have created an asset that you can sell for way more than the practice down the street.

With a full Deep Dive Assessment, we can uncover a surprising amount of revenue and profit for you. Our results are accurate, and we lead you through every step.
We have some very strong opinions, and high standards, when it comes to what you should expect from your markting.

But I Hate Being Sold To

Me too!

It’s your decision. You have plenty of options. Zero pressure from me. I hate receiving it, so I don’t give it.

And if you are in fact making all the money you want to make with your practice, and not experiencing a drop of stress, then this probably isn’t for you. In fact, I only have time for a limited number of people I can help, so if you’re “all good,” then great. Go with my blessings and congratulations.

But if you’d like to have a bit less stress, a lot more money, and a sellable practice that hums and is the envy of your town, then you’ve got nothing to lose (and a lot to gain) by signing up for a free assessment. 

My data science-backed software guarantees we will only use strategies that work. 

And don’t forget the potential for “REAL wealth”:

Eventually selling your practice, or, licensing the process we set up so that you can resell it to other dentists across the country.

That’s how you go from “successful dentist” to a millionaire entrepreneur who’s employees run the business while you travel the world. 

What’s this? “Licensing the process to other dentists?”

I haven’t mentioned it yet here, but we can talk about what this is and how it takes your income into the stratosphere when we meet. It’s not for everybody.

So if any of this intrigues you enough to have a short conversation and some free results, go ahead and book 45 minutes on Zoom with me.

It could be the start of a new reality for you. 

So How Much Does It Cost to Get Those Kinds of Returns on Your Investment?

I offer two ways.

To get those kinds of returns on your investment, you’ll want my private coaching. It’s $2,500 per month and you get:

  • All-encompassing coaching and accountability to ensure your practice successfully implements my profit strategies with my help
  • I ensure you make at least three times more revenue than what you invest in my services
  • A full report of your baseline, and your opportunities for growth, in 40 areas of your practice.
  • A timeline-based roadmap so you can see my plan to help you grow.
  • My proprietary “All-In-One” lead management and response software so your staff can book more appointments with new patients with less stress and confusion. I promise you, right now your practice is missing several potential clients per day who are coming to your website to check you out but are not converting to new patient status with an appointment. 
  • We’re not just another marketing agency. Without getting to know and understand your business, they immediately start talking about selling you their “SEO and PPC ads” and other marketing chatchkies.
  • What we do differently:
    • we listen to you to understand your goals and frustrations
    • show you where to cut costs
    • negotiate better pricing with vendors
    • set up documented systems for HR, Finance, Marketing, Lead Generation, Onboarding, etc. so that you have a practice you can one day sell for top dollar
    • and yes, we have lots of profit strategies that will help your marketing produce real returns that you can measure
    • While others sell you “marketing tactics,” I give you business growth strategy and execution


Alternatively, you can be a part of my group mastermind and coaching experience. It’s $497 per month and you get:

  • A group learning experience where I teach profit strategies to the group on Zoom
  • Answer your questions live, making sure you can implement the strategies yourself
  • A free “seat” in the group for your office manager
  • A free “seat” in the group for a high school or college student in your family so that they can be exposed to what our school system does not teach–how to run a business (this is one of my favorite offerings)


With the Group Mastermind option, you can expect the same returns percentage-wise if you implement what you learn, but the dollar size of your growth will be smaller than with my “hand-holding” private option.

The report in the image I showed you above shows how Dr. Colman’s practice increased its annual profit from $177k to $912K, because we took the time to work on close to 40 strategies.

Her revenue? We increased it from $770k to $2.6M.

“What was her return on investment?”

Her ROI for my help was 964% for her profit increase, and 2,144% for her revenue increase. (Way above the 300% ROI that I guarantee as a minimum.)
Here’s that image again….

Schedule Your Free 45-Minute Profit Finder Session

You'll also get a free Strategy Report, A Roadmap, and My Book Packed With Examples

Curious About Our Profit Strategies?

Here's a small taste of 12 that will jumpstart your new life as owner of the most valuable practice in your town.

Market Dominating Position

Similar to a USP or Unique Selling Proposition, we establish your Market Dominating Position early because it is a foundation, or launching platform, from which many other profit strategies will spring, causing exponential growth.

Cut Costs

Cut Costs does not increase revenue, but it does increase profits. Furthermore, 100% of the profit you find here will impact your bottom line. That’s money that stays in your bank account.

Compelling Offer

Learn about different types of Compelling Offers, and, as the Economist magazine discovered, simply changing the offer could have an instant positive impact of 43% on revenues.

Increase Prices

There are very specific, proven ways to raise your prices and have your customers gladly pay the difference.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upselling & Cross-Selling involves offering the buying customer, at the point of purchase, something they need or want but did not think about purchasing at that time. This could be a higher quality or quantity of what they just purchased (up-sell) or an additional product or service that is related to what they just purchased (cross-sell).


Bundling is simply the process of grouping together certain products to create 'packages' which are then sold to clients. It creates an “apples to oranges” comparison and removes price from the equation. Customers today shop value… NOT PRICE! Unfortunately, small businesses are LOUSY at conveying their “value proposition.” Therefore, price becomes the only value proposition left to consumers. The real key to success in marketing is to offer more value than your competition. Bundling increases the perceived value so prospects buy more.


Downselling means backing off from your original offer when your prospect appears to reject it and in turn, offering something less expensive. Then once the buying relationship is established, upselling and cross-selling that buyer at a later date. The key idea is to get the buyer to enter into a relationship and then your job is to nurture it long term.

Additional Products & Services

The Front End is the package of services you offer first. The Back End is the array of products or services you can offer after the buying relationship has started. Developing the back-end requires a new attitude - that is, realizing that your job is to bring as much value to your clients as you can and not just selling them your service. It’s to sell them your services and, in the process, gain their trust, understand their needs and deliver improvements in the quality and prosperity of their lives through whatever means you’re able to create.

Alliances & Joint Ventures

On average, dental practices that focus on creating joint ventures will see 25% of their revenue coming from their partners.

Drip Campaign

80% + of ALL sales occur between the 5th and the 12th point of contact between the business and the prospect. Most small businesses NEVER follow up! This creates a HUGE opportunity for any business that does follow up. It’s absolutely vital that all small business owners create a strategic “drip campaign” based on their specific marketing process.


Leads (or prospects) are the fuel for any business—the first point in the sales process that eventually results in a sale. A business with an effective lead-generation process will dramatically increase their probability of success. There are always more effective ways to get a higher quality / quantity of leads.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to generating leads from websites or emails. Many businesses attempt to market online, but those that do often use marketing that: 1. Provides no compelling reason for a customer to buy. 2. Provides no contact information. 3. Includes no direct invitation to purchase. 4. Provides no process by which the effectiveness of the advertisement can be measured.

Want to see some of these strategies in action?

A Few More Reasons Why Our Process Works

We don’t limit our profit strategies to just the dental industry. 

We believe as Leonardo da Vinci does, that in order to truly understand something, it must be viewed from at least three perspectives.

Consultants who have based their whole career on solely coaching dental practices are similar to a one-trick pony. This is called “directional thinking” by Frans Johansson in his book, The Medici Effect.

We leverage “intersectional thinking.” It’s the concept of taking successful ideas from one category and applying them to another.

As Johansson explains throughout his book, “Intersectional innovations, on the other hand, change the world in leaps along new directions.”

What this means is, we’ve applied strategies that were proven successful in retail, manufacturing, and software, for example, and apply them to growing a dental practice.

Of course we do some things that “other successful dentists are doing,” but we just don’t limit our thinking to this small niche of the world.

We believe great leaps forward come from the intersection of ideas.

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You'll Also Get A Free Strategy Report, A Roadmap, And My Book Packed With Examples